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    1. When will Hercules & Xena maps be available? What about DragonRealms?
    2. What happened to the 'Intermediate' level of the maps?
    3. What do you use to make the maps?
    4. Can I use the maps on my website?
    5. Can I modify the maps?
    6. May I link to your site?
    7. What is the SGE, where do I get it, and how do I use it?
    8. Wait, the SGE is for 16 bit systems. Where can I get a 32 bit version?
    9. I just created a web site. Can you add my URL to your link page?

Web related questions

C.1) When will Hercules & Xena maps be available? What about DragonRealms?

Sorry to dissapoint you, but for a variety of reasons, I won't be playing either H&X or DR anytime in the forseeable future. You'll have to find maps elsewhere. For DR, I recomend Salius's maps, and for H&X the only maps I'm aware of are the maps of Athens that are available on Simutronics' H&X site.

C.2) What happened to the 'Intermediate' level of the maps?

You may remember that there used to also be an 'Intermediate' level of map. Most of the maps were called Intermediate. However, the difference between the Final and Intermediate levels was really only significant to me. So, the Intermediate level is gone.

C.3) What do you use to make the maps?

I use a technical drawing program called Visio. It's very different from products like Corel, which are designed to do art or photographic work. Visio is used to do flowcharts, organization charts, network diagrams, floor plans, and so forth. It understands about the different objects in the drawing. Not just what they look like, but their properties also. For example, if I move a room from one spot to another, the lines connecting to that room redraw and reshape themselves so that they stay connected to the room.

C.4) Can I use the maps on my website?

Certainly! I made the maps so that others could benefit from them, and the more widely distributed they are, the better. I do have some restrictions on how you use them, primarily to insure that people don't download obsolete versions of the maps. Please read my usage restrictions before using the maps on your website.

C.5) Can I modify the maps?

Sorry, but no. I spent a lot of time and effort making these maps. If you have any corrections or suggestions, you're welcome to send them to me. If you want to make your own maps, well, then, make your own maps! :)

C.6) May I link to your site?

Absolutely. No need to ask permission for that. If you want a graphic button to use a link, you can use this one if you wish. Feel free to reduce the size and/or color depth as you see fit.

C.7) What is the SGE, where do I get it, and how do I use it?

Actually, this isn't a frequently asked question, although I wish it was. SGE is the Simutronics Game Entrance, and is a nifty little Windows program written by the same person who wrote the Wizard. SGE lets you get into GemStone quickly and easily, without having to go through the gemstone.net web site.

The typical procedure for getting into GemStone is something like this: You'll notice that the word "wait" appears an awful lot in the above list. You're actually loading 15 web pages before you get to start the Wizard up and play the game. Contrast that with using SGE to get into Gemstone: It takes about 30 seconds to get into GemStone using SGE, compared to about 5 minutes using the Web. Typically, you start the SGE, enter your password and hit return 3 times and you're in. There are also times when the game is up and running just fine, but the web server is down. If you're using SGE, you can get into Gemstone with no trouble, but getting in via the Web would be impossible.

SGE is available from Simutronics. Just go to the 'Beta Software' page, which is one of the buttons on the main Gemstone page, right after you log in. On the beta page, the first program listed is the SGE. That page calls it the "16-bit Game Launcher", which leads us to.....

C.8) Wait, the SGE is for 16 bit systems. Where can I get a 32 bit version?

Ignore what their web page says. Yes, this is a 16 bit program, which means it can run on 16 bit Windows 3.1. It runs just fine on 32-bit Windows95, however, and there's absolutely no reason not to use it.

C.9) I just created a web site. Can you add my URL to your link page?

Yes, but don't hold your breath. Frankly, maintaining my link page has become an extremely low priority. This is due in part to being very busy with everything else, but is also due to the incredible proliferation of web sites. Every elf and their rolton seems to have one these days. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but it does mean that maintaining a list is a much bigger job than it was even six months ago.

Updating the link page will involve verifying that all the existing links are still valid, plus dealing with the long list of sites that I have that should be added. And I mean long. There's a good 50 or so web sites on that list. As that list grows, it gets more and more unlikely that I'll ever add them.

What probably will happen is that I'll add the very best of those sites. The ones I personally like to visit often. The ones with special, unique content. The ones that stand out. Web sites that I find annoying to view, either because they are hosted on one of those free web sites that open separate advertisement windows, or won't display adequately on a small screen, are unlikely to be added. Whether or not you provide a link to my page doesn't influence my decision either way.

I'm not sure what I'll do with the existing links. At the very least, I'll probably verify that the links are still valid.

There are plenty of web site lists. The largist of which is the 'official' list at Simutronics, and there is also a list on Yahoo. Over time, I'm going to be transforming my links page from a semi-comprehensive list of all sites into a far smaller list of what I consider the best of the best. Maintaining a comprehensive list is too big a task, and it's a task being done better by others.

So, if you still think your site is really one of the best of the best, feel free to drop me an e-mail and I'll add you to the list. But don't be surprised if it takes months to get added, or not added at all.

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