Map Shoppe Sales Counter

Eldreth is now has his own store and is selling cups, mousepads, and other merchandise with the famous Bubbling Eldreth Death Rum logo. Click here to get to Eldreth's store.

Standard Merchandise

The following standard merchandise is available from the Map Shoppe. Click here to see pictures and more details and to order from the Map Shoppe.

Merchandise is now available with maps of either Wehnimer's Landing, Teras Isle, Ta'Vaalor, Ta'Illistim, Icemule Trace, and Kharam-Dzu. Not all maps are available on every item.

Limited Time Seasonal Items
Beer Stein

12-month 2005 Wall Calendar

Single Page 2005 Calendar

Available Year-Round
Coffee Mug

Large Coffee Mug

Map-Pad (Mousepad)

Large Frosted Glass Mug

Stainless Steel Travel Mug

Wall Clock

16x20 Poster

Custom Made Merchandise

A few people have written asking if I can make mugs with this map on it, or mousepads with that map, or make shirts available. There's a zillion combination of things I could do, but guessing what people want most is not easy.

Fortunately, setting up to make this or that is pretty simple, so I've decided to make items up on demand to your specifications.

The similarity to the old style shops in the Landing is scary. Basically, you can get any map on any merchandise you want if the off the shelf stuff isn't what you're looking for. To do so, send me email at [email protected] and let me know what you want, and I'll add it to the store so you can purchase it.

Any map is available for placement on the merchandise. Note, however, that most maps are in black and white, except for some of the town maps and the premium neighborhood maps.

Maps either come in portrait mode or landscape mode. Some merchandise only works with one but not the other. Only landscape mode maps can go on coffee mugs, for example. If you put a portrait mode map on a coffee mug, you'll spill your coffee when you look at the map! The table below lists which types can go on which items.

Some items can take a picture on both the front and back. You can pick two different maps for each side, if you like.

Item Colors Map Location Map Type Price
T-ShirtsWhite, Ash GreyFront and/or backLandscape or Portrait$16.99+
Tank TopsWhiteFront and/or backLandscape or Portrait$18.99+
Baby Doll T-ShirtsWhiteFront and/or backLandscape or Portrait$19.99
Long Sleeve T-ShirtsWhiteFront and/or backLandscape or Portrait$21.99+
SweatshirtsAsh GreyFront and/or backLandscape or Portrait$23.99+
Boxer ShortsWhiteLeft LegPortrait ONLY$15.99
Tote BagsNaturalFront and/or backLandscape or Portrait$15.99
Coffee MugWhiteSideLandscape ONLY$13.99
Large Coffee MugWhiteSideLandscape ONLY$14.99
MousepadWhiteFrontLandscape or Portrait$13.99
Customized seasonal limited-time merchandise also available upon request

There are also various styles of hats available, but the printable area is only two inches high, and I can't imagine how the maps could possibly be legible that small.

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