Tsoran's Guide to Elanthian Houses

Houses are residences that are designed and run by players. There are several houses in Wehnimer's Landing, and there's been talk about opening at least one house in Icemule Trace. Houses generally provide such services as common areas for sociallizing, larger lockers, nodes and/or magical workshops, private rooms, and the like. They may also organize activities, such as festivals, gladiator games, classes, etc.

The requirements for joining a house vary from house to house, but the minimum requirements (as defined by Simutronics) are that you have reached your fifth level of training, have not been a member of any other house for the past 30 days, and pay an initiation fee of at least 5000 silvers. Some houses have quarterly dues; some do not. The following table summarizes each house (and links to a website for that house, if available.)

Houses of Elanthia

House Location Eligibility Requirements Initiation Fees Dues
Arcane Wehnimer's minimum age 40 ("legend"); must be voted in unamimously by membership     A hunting and questing club
Argent Aspis Wehnimer's must by voted in by Admissions Committee 25,000 0 Dedicated to helping younger adventurers
Beacon Hall River's Rest Full membership requires 10 trainings, sponsorship, and remaining active. 100,000 0 Dedicated to preserving and teaching the history and culture of Elanthia.
Brigatta Wehnimer's at least 10th year
sponsored by house member
20,000 0 House Motto: Amici Per Aevum, which translates to "friends through time", or "friends throughout eternity".
Helden Hall Wehnimer's must be voted in by membership 25,000 0 A house for sword swingers
Moonstone Abbey Ta'Illistim
(Sapphire Gate)
Must be 10th level;
sponsorship required.
105,000 0 Ancestral home of the Coven
Obsidian Tower Trollfang 20th year, good roleplayer, Dhe'nar background 500,000 0 Promote Role Playing and the Dhe'nar elves
Paupers Wehnimer's open 20,000 0 No special political agenda, other than having fun
Phoenix Wehnimer's can not be a member of the 'other' society 40,000 0 Dedicated to freeing the souls of the undead
Rone Academy Wehnimer's Apprentice: 3rd year
Full: 20th year
Tutor: 20th year and voted in by membership committee
25,000 0 Profession specific classes, seminars, and hunts.
Silvergate Inn Wehnimer's sponsorship 5,000 3,000 A working Inn
Sovyn Wehnimer's clerics, empaths, and paladins only; others can get associate membership 25,000 0 A house for those who pick up the pieces when the critters win
Sylvanfair Wehnimer's sponsorship 5,000 3,000 Dedicated to helping younger adventurers
Twilight Hall Wehnimer's must be able to cast a spell 20,000 0 A house for magic users
White Haven Icemule Trace Sponsored by officer or founding member 20,000 0 Provide facilities and services to citizens of Icemule Trace.
Willow Hall Wehnimer's Gates Voted on by Interview Committee 25,000 20,000 (annual) A house for Rangers
(If they can find it)

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