This is the authoritative Beacon Hall calendar of upcoming events and meetings.  It is kept up-to-date as much as possible.  Most of the events are also syndicated to the official calendar as well, among other locations.

*Meeting Schedule[#ace7958b]
 Beacon Hall meetings are open to all, including prospective members.

-Meetings are held the third Feastday of the month at 4:00 pm elven time
--'''Third Saturday of the month, 4:00 PM EST/EDT'''

**NEXT MEETING: Saturday, February 18th at 4:00 PM[#i5a63f08]

**Meeting Location [#aaad2c4c]
Meetings are held in Officers' Chamber (denoted as 'Office' on the [[Map]]); although the meetings are generally open, during meetings we close and latch the door, which enables us to discuss event planning and schedules more freely (using secular notation, discussion of time zones, real life schedule conflicts, etc).  If you show up late and the door is closed, just KNOCK ON DOOR and we'll let you in.

We usually gather in River's Rest Town Commons prior to the start of meetings, but some people go directly to the Officers' Chamber.  (The custom for a few people to wait in Commons is to help any non-members to easily find their way.)

Lich Room ID for the Officers' Chamber: 22222.  Or ;go2 beaconhall and go west and north.

*Upcoming Events [#de66b36d]

**Beacon Hall Bi-Monthly Tour and Games [#j25b2ec3]
 Feastday, Charlatos 18th 21:00 elven (OOC: Saturday, March 18th at 9:00 PM EST)
>Join Beacon Hall for a rousing bout of the most savage game ever imagined: Dodge the Void, 5117 Edition.  Meet us in the River's Rest Town Commons at 21:00 elven on Feastday, the 18th of Charlatos.  We require lots of items both large and small: please donate generously!  Don't forget your climate-wear cloak and don't wear anything white.

>Coordinator(s): Kaldonis



*Future event ideas [#v01efe03]

** Miasmal Forest Tour: first ever [#hd513ac1]
>Did you know moor wights can summon up to four creatures between them?  Black spectral warhorses seem to be rare in River's Rest, but the conditions may arise to summon them.  Guided tour of the Ghostly Trees and the Spectral Mists.  Niima's Shrine and lore.  Oteska's Haven history.  Marsh Keep allusions.

>Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

** Marsh Keep Tour: Biannual [#wc98b471]
>Because Syssanis is awesome.

** Religions of River's Rest [#bd08dc80]
>A definitive look at the various religions shared between River's Rest natives, both past and present.  Look back at the trollish upbringing and how it shaped the current worship of Aeia.  Walk amongst the faith that helped shape the smugglers and all of the River Rats through history.

>Coordinator(s): Alahnna

** Beacon Hall University [#bd08dc80]
>The first of its kind in all of Elanthia!  Join Beacon Hall Archives as a specialized professor provides instruction on various subjects, from History to proper combat techniques.  Each class will meet once every two weeks for two months.  At the end, those passing the class will receive an item that will help them with what they have learned in the class!

>Coordinator(s): Alahnna

** Visit the Huntress's Shrine [#l5073769]
>Hear the story of the Huntress and visit her shrine.

** Code Poems [#d00b6666]
>Learn about the history and importance of of Code Poems for the Aelotoi.

*Past Events [#b654a2d5]

**2017 Events [#y1cbebd8]

**BHA Fishing Contest [#j25b2ec3]
 Feastday, Lormestra 21st 19:00 elven (OOC: Saturday, January 21st 7:00 PM EST)
>Join Beacon Hall Archive for a one hour long fishing contest.  Coin prizes for the three with the heaviest fish.  We will gather in the Commons and move to the pier at 7:00 PM EST.

>Coordinator(s): Fyrentennimar 

**Romance in the Rest [#a160f5cc]
 Restday, Fashanos the 12th at 17:00 elven (OOC: Sunday, February 12th at 5:00 EST.)
>Sunday 12th February @ 5pm Romance in the Rest Commons, River's Rest Whether you're lucky in love or thankful you're not, come celebrate the day of Voaris and Laethe with the Beacon Hall Archive on Leyan, the 12th day of Fashanos (February 12, 2017). We will gather in the Commons at 5 in the evening and then make our way to the River's Rest Museum to hear some of the lesser known tales of love recorded in the museum archives. Our focus will be on the Matchmaker of River's Rest with an additional story each for Voaris and Laethe, if time allows. Later, join us at the Beacon Hall Terrace to round out the evening with the annual Sweetheart Ball. Grab someone special or just show up to drink, snack, and chat with friends. 

>Coordinator(s): Jersea

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