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There are no events scheduled today.

This is the authoritative Beacon Hall calendar of upcoming events and meetings. It is kept up-to-date as much as possible. Most of the events are also syndicated to the official calendar as well, among other locations. Dates in bold have events. NB: Calendar runs on British time.


NEXT MEETING: Sunday, September 20th at 5:00 PM EDT, 2020

Upcoming Events


Sunday, September 20th

Restday Fast Breaking

Beacon Hall Monthly Meeting

Agenda items:

September 2020

Sunday, September 6th

Restday Fast Breaking

Thursday, September 10th

The Story of the Bridges

Come hear the sad story of Tandrik and Estamil. Please bring a green tourmaline.

This event is not formally affiliated with Beacon Hall Archive, but we want to support and advertise it.

Sunday, September 13th

Restday Fast Breaking

Sunday, September 20th

Restday Fast Breaking

Beacon Hall Monthly Meeting

Agenda items:

Sunday, September 27th

Restday Fast Breaking

August 2020

Anniversary Brunch

Join Beacon Hall as we celebrate the 1 year anniversary of the return of weekly Restday Fast Breaking! Expect free goodie-bags and traditional games with big prizes!

Sunday, August 2nd

Anniversary Brunch

Expect free door prizes!

Sunday, August 9th

Anniversary Brunch

Sunday, August 16th

Anniversary Brunch

Beacon Hall Monthly Meeting

Sunday, August 23rd

Anniversary Brunch

Sunday, August 30th

Anniversary Brunch

July 2020

Restday Fast Breaking

Restday fast breaking continues at noon for all of July.

Sunday, July 5th

Sunday, July 12th

Sunday, July 19th

Sunday, July 26th

Restday Fast Breaking

Beacon Hall continues the tradition of Restday fast breaking!

Expect a post-brunch activity!

June 2020

Restday Fast Breaking

Sunday, June 28th: Brunch at noon.

Sunday, June 21st: General Brunch

Sunday, June 14th: Capture the Brunch

Sunday, June 7th: Seize the Bay Discussion

Seize the Bay

Date: Thursday, June 11, 2020, 5:00 PM elven.

Beacon Hall Archive invites you to sail Maelstrom Bay. Meet us in the River's Rest Town Commons (lich rm. # 10861) at 17:00 elven on Niiman the 11th of Lumnea and get ready for some prizes!

Coordinator(s): Riverman

May 2020

Restday Fast Breaking

Restday fast breaking continues all of May.  We continue with the later time of Noon.

Sunday, May 3rd: Mystery Brunch

Sunday, May 10th: A Hunch it's Brunch

Sunday, May 17th: Brunch Beginning

Sunday, May 24th: Some kind of brunch

Sunday, May 31st: Brunch No. 5

April 2020

Restday Fast Breaking

Restday fast breaking continues all of April.

Sunday, April 5th: Back to Basics

Sunday, April 12th: Brunching and Munching

Sunday, April 19th: Not Quite Breakfast, Not Quite Lunch

Sunday, April 26th: Breakfast/Lunch Buffet

March 2020

Restday Fast Breaking

Restday fast breaking continues all of March. 

Sunday, March 1st: Gem of Fate with Astru

Sunday, March 8th: Deadly Games with Everyone

Sunday, March 15th: A Generic Brunch

Sunday, March 22nd: Beacon Hall Brewpub's Grand Opening Brunch in Icemule Trace! (go footpath in Lich rm. # 3053)

Check out our new Icemule Annex in well, Icemule! GO FOOTPATH in lich #3053. The event was a SMASHING success, with successful deadly games in Winterberry Park after the tour of Beacon Hall's new Brewpub!

Sunday, March 29th: Brunch with Kaldonis

February 2020

We are pleased to continue the River's Rest tradition of Restday brunch starting at 11 elven for 1 hour.  Also look for the post-brunch event beginning at noon.

Restday Fast Breaking

Sunday, February 2nd: Dock Diving with Kaldonis

Sunday, February 9th: Normal brunch with Kaldonis

Sunday, February 16th: Alterations with guest Xred

Sunday, February 23rd: Hosted by Frebble

Future event ideas

Smugglers Cutter Tour

Our tent can be deployed and prevent getting kicked off near shore. With the boot, no one rides anymore, but there is a shop, cockroach races, etc. It could be a fun tour.

Miasmal Forest Tour: first ever

Did you know moor wights can summon up to four creatures between them? Black spectral warhorses seem to be rare in River's Rest, but the conditions may arise to summon them. Guided tour of the Ghostly Trees and the Spectral Mists. Niima's Shrine and lore. Oteska's Haven history. Marsh Keep allusions.

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Religions of River's Rest

A definitive look at the various religions shared between River's Rest natives, both past and present. Look back at the trollish upbringing and how it shaped the current worship of Aeia. Walk amongst the faith that helped shape the smugglers and all of the River Rats through history.

Coordinator(s): Alahnna

Beacon Hall University

The first of its kind in all of Elanthia! Join Beacon Hall Archives as a specialized professor provides instruction on various subjects, from History to proper combat techniques. Each class will meet once every two weeks for two months. At the end, those passing the class will receive an item that will help them with what they have learned in the class!

Coordinator(s): Alahnna

Visit the Huntress's Shrine

Hear the story of the Huntress and visit her shrine.

Code Poems

Learn about the history and importance of of Code Poems for the Aelotoi.

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