This is the authoritative Beacon Hall calendar of upcoming events and meetings. It is kept up-to-date as much as possible. Most of the events are also syndicated to the official calendar as well, among other locations.

Meeting Schedule

Beacon Hall meetings are open to all, including prospective members.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, 28th April at 5:00 PM EASTERN DAYLIGHT, 2019

Meeting schedule for 2019 (unless otherwise amended):

Meeting Location

Meetings are held in Officers' Chamber (denoted as 'Office' on the Map); although the meetings are generally open, during meetings we close and latch the door, which enables us to discuss event planning and schedules more freely (using secular notation, discussion of time zones, real life schedule conflicts, etc). If you show up late and the door is closed, just KNOCK ON DOOR and we'll let you in.

We usually gather in River's Rest Town Commons prior to the start of meetings, but some people go directly to the Officers' Chamber. (The custom for a few people to wait in Commons is to help any non-members to easily find their way.)

Lich Room ID for the Officers' Chamber: 22222. Or ;go2 beaconhall and go west, north, and knock on the door.

Upcoming Events


Past 5118 Events

Fantasy Beers of Elanthia

Date: Restday, 9th of Eorgaen, noon.

If you were a beer, what beer would you be?" the question of the ages. Come make us beer, spun by your imagination! Let us know the fruits and flavors of your favorite fantasy ale! ***All the beers approved by the Beacon Hall Archive officers may be turned into real game beers at some point!***


Coordinator(s): Frebble (with some help of Astru and Kaldonis)

Marsh Keep Tour

(OOC: Sun 28 Oct 2018 17:00 – 19:00 Eastern Time)

Come celebrate the Ebon Gate in an exploration of necromancy beyond the mists of the Miasmal Forest. The tour of Syssanis's abode will conclude with a friendly game of Gem of Fate afterward. Meet on the South River Road by the log.

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

A Boot Returns

Date: Restday, 22nd of Olaesta, 5118 (Sunday, April 22nd, 2018)
Time: 18:00 elven
Place: River's Rest, South River Road

A puff of smoke emanates from the boot. As it clears, Kaldonis is standing next to you. Travel between the Kobold Village and River's Rest has recently become possible again, but what is the history of this device which operates conveniently at only the cost of a crystal amulet? Among other characters, the story involves a mad sorcerer and a krolvin captain. Join Beacon Hall at the log on River Road as we recount these tales at 18:00 elven on the 22nd of Olaesta.

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Bi-Monthly Tour and Games

Date: Restday, 18 of Charlatos, 5118 (Sunday, March 18th, 2018)
Time: 4 elven
Place: Meet in Commons

We've toured our house, now let's tour the local area. Join Beacon Hall Archive as we tour the cemetery and show you the wonders of the telescope. After the tour is done, we'll go play with the catapult! Meet us at River's Rest Town Commons at 16:00 Elven on the 18th of Charlatos for all the fun.

Coordinator(s): Astru

Bi-Monthly Tour and Games

Date: Feastday, 20 of Lormestra, 5118 (Saturday, January 20th, 2018)
Time: 3 elven
Place: Meet in Commons

Advert: Join Beacon Hall as we spruce up for the new year and try to be a bit more active! We'll offer a tour of our house, followed by a trip to the Warren for a diving challenge! Meet us in River's Rest Town Commons at 3:00 PM elven on Feastday, Lormesta the 20th.

Post-event report: Basic mechanical tour of Beacon Hall, and use of the cutter. Dock diving in the Warren followed, with learning experiences. Cyana didn't know that Water Walking allowed dragging on Maelstrom, and Jersea didn't know that scarves asked by Sal are sold in town.

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Event attendees :: Jersea, Astru, Raincail, Hilti, Cyana, Mercucius, Fyrentennimar.

Future event ideas

Miasmal Forest Tour: first ever

Did you know moor wights can summon up to four creatures between them? Black spectral warhorses seem to be rare in River's Rest, but the conditions may arise to summon them. Guided tour of the Ghostly Trees and the Spectral Mists. Niima's Shrine and lore. Oteska's Haven history. Marsh Keep allusions.

Coordinator(s): Kaldonis

Religions of River's Rest

A definitive look at the various religions shared between River's Rest natives, both past and present. Look back at the trollish upbringing and how it shaped the current worship of Aeia. Walk amongst the faith that helped shape the smugglers and all of the River Rats through history.

Coordinator(s): Alahnna

Beacon Hall University

The first of its kind in all of Elanthia! Join Beacon Hall Archives as a specialized professor provides instruction on various subjects, from History to proper combat techniques. Each class will meet once every two weeks for two months. At the end, those passing the class will receive an item that will help them with what they have learned in the class!

Coordinator(s): Alahnna

Visit the Huntress's Shrine

Hear the story of the Huntress and visit her shrine.

Code Poems

Learn about the history and importance of of Code Poems for the Aelotoi.

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