Please see the official CHE website for the most authoritative and recent information.

These are official documents for members and officers. They are all regular PDF files, friendly for digital viewing or printing hard copies.

Beacon Hall Bylaws

All prospective members and current members should be familiar with the house bylaws. These were written by players, and can in principle be amended by the current membership if necessary.

Officer Documents

These are merely copies of the official documents released by the GM CHE guru; these documents cannot be altered by players. Officers are expected to be familiar with these documents and comply thoroughly with their contents. Naturally, we don't expect anyone to fully memorize these, but it's a good idea to be able to easily reference them or remember, "Oh yes, that is covered in the document, let me look it up quickly!"

Beacon Hall is not for everyone

Although we usually leave our doors open, officers can, at any time:

  • TAP the WOODEN DOOR to toggle public access (in the main branch Courtyard)

Attach file: filebha-bylaws.pdf 190 download [Information] fileCHE Influence Document 11-26-13 Revision.pdf 634 download [Information] fileCooperative Houses of Elanthia - Officer's Manual.pdf 719 download [Information]

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